About Us

Effective Hire wants you to find employment that
fits your job skills and your life’s ambitions.

Removing unpredictability from the hiring process

Effective Hire was born out of the painful realization that the hiring process amounts to a very expensive and time consuming “dice roll” that often has an undesirable outcome for both the employee and the employer.

The question we originally set out to answer is can we come up with a new hiring process for our company that will result in happier, healthier, longer-term relationships with our employees. After spending years developing, applying, and testing a proprietary process for hiring IT professionals, we can say without a doubt the answer is YES.

Win-win situations between employers
and employees

A great fit between employee and employer is a win-win. It creates a more positive work environment by boosting office morale, reduces employee turnover and training costs, and increases employee job satisfaction and internal promotion rates that, collectively, significantly improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Out of both necessity and curiosity, we were able to develop a new hiring pathway that provides significantly better results. It made such a difference for us that we decided to make it available to others so businesspeople can focus their energies on important things, such as reaching their full potential and providing the best possible service to their customers.