Frequently Asked Questions


A: Currently, we provide general recruiting services for the information technology industry and targeted recruiting services for employers in several additional industries.

A: Our information technology recruiting services are currently available to candidates and employers in Texas, Washington, California, and Colorado. We currently offer nationwide targeted recruiting services for employers in numerous industries.

A: No. We do not post your name, resume, or any other information related to you in any public forum. Your information remains in our database and is only viewable by Effective Hire employees.

Potential employers will only see your information if you permit us to share it with them in connection with our efforts to schedule an interview for you.

A: No. Many of our candidates are perfectly happy in their current positions; however, they realize that it can only
help their careers to register with Effective Hire so we can make them aware of new, exciting, and more lucrative opportunities for which they are a great fit as they become available.

A: No. All recruitment fees are paid for by the employer and are not deducted from your compensation.

Additionally, registration also entitles you to free admission to Effective Hire professional development
and networking events.

A: We collect a significant amount of information from you, the candidate, as well as from employers who are looking
to fill open positions.

The information we collect from you pertains to your personality attributes, professional experience, professional preferences (e.g., enjoys a workplace with less formal dress, prefers to commute fewer than 15 minutes, etc.),
technical experience and capabilities, salary and benefit requirements, and career goals.

We collect information from employers pertaining to their company’s mission, corporate culture, and policies, as well as role-specific information such as job title and description, educational requirements, years of experience preferred, technical capabilities required, general job expectations, office hours, travel requirements (if applicable), and salary
and benefit information.

The proprietary platform that Effective Hire has developed cross references the attributes of each candidate in its
database against the attributes of each employer’s open job opportunities. The top matches are identified and candidates are contacted regarding the opportunity.

If you are interested in a position, we will share your information with the prospective employer and work to schedule
an interview for you.

If the interview is successful and you and the employer wish to move forward, we will remain involved in the process
until you have negotiated terms.

At that time, we will remain available for advice and consultation; however, we will turn the process over to the employer
to move you through its standard hiring and on-boarding procedure.

A: No. We strive to make excellent matches between employee and employer and that can take time.
Sometimes your skills are not a great fit for the roles we are currently working to fill and sometimes the roles we are working to fill are not a great fit for your personal and professional preferences.

Nonetheless, we look at our relationships with candidates as lifelong, and if you do not get results right away, please keep us updated with your personal and professional information (don’t worry about forgetting, we send quarterly update surveys). Our platform will continue to compare your attributes and preferences to new listings in an effort to match you with your ideal position.