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The Effective Hire process involves just 6 easy steps.


We Invest IN YOU
To Get the Best FOR YOU

1. Registration is a simple process that involves providing your contact information, uploading your resume, and signing our online recruiter agreement. After you complete your registration, we will email you a questionnaire with questions pertaining to your work history, technical skills, education, certifications, as well as what you are looking for in terms of compensation and company culture.

2. The general assessment tells us about your personality and will identify strengths and work-style preferences so we can better look for roles and company cultures where you will most likely excel.

3. The technical exam assesses your general IT knowledge and allows us to identify positions for which you have the necessary skills. We will share your results with you and recommend areas of study and certification paths that will help you increase your knowledge and marketability.

4. During the Effective Hire interview, we will go over the information you provided at registration and the results of your assessment and technical exam. We will get to know you better and further discuss your career goals and professional preferences.

5. The confidential digital profile* that we build for you lives in our platform and our algorithms will continually look for new and existing positions that are a fit for your personality, technical skills, and professional preferences. Once we find a match, we will contact you and let you know the details. If you would like to move forward, we will work to schedule an interview for you.

6. Following a successful interview where both you and the employer decide to move forward, we will accept the initial offer on your behalf and evaluate it with you. If you accept the offer, we will connect you with the employer’s human resources department so you can go through their standard employee on-boarding procedure.

Your information is never posted online or made publicly available.
Private user profiles are matched to job listings internally, and we will never release your name or contact information to prospective employers
without your consent.